2.2 (2016)



From the Editor (5)

The Strategy of Indirect Approach: Centre and Periphery in Fiction about the First World War (7)
Paweł Stachura, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

The Participation of Greece (Hellas) in the First World War: Literary Representation (25)
Konstantinos D. Karatzas, University of Zaragoza

Divided Loyalties: Cultural Conflicts in the Nation & Detroit in America’s WW1 Era (41)
John Dean, University of Versailles

A Polish Voice from the Depths of an International Conflict: Wartime Writings by Witold Hulewicz (87)
Martyna Kliks

The Specters of the Mendi: An Attempt at South African Hauntology (99)
Natalia Stachura

Authors’ Biodata (121)